Earth’s mightiest game designers!

…could not write this game, but by God(s) someone had to do it!

So we did.

Mighty Six is a game of super powered heroics (and villainy) based on Mini Six, the fabulous and free system created by the good people at Antipaladin Games. You can download a copy at, still free, still awesome.

Let’s face it, normal sucks.

There. I said it, it’s out there now. Deal with it. Normal doesn’t get any accolades, it doesn’t speak out against injustice or do battle with the forces of darkness. Normal doesn’t go viral on YouTube, do interviews on daytime talk-shows, walk amongst greatness, or get the girl. Normal can’t fly through the vacuum of space, bench press an apartment building, or read somebody’s mind.

Normal gets up in the morning, goes through the ritual mundanities of modern existence and goes to sleep so it can wake up and do it all over again in never ending cycles of pointlessness. It slips and falls down in the shower, lines up, pays its taxes, spills its coffee, leaves its fly undone, gets laid off, passed over for promotion, rejected, ignored, abused. Don’t be normal, friends.

Be Mighty.

Play Mighty Six, and be one of the few, one of the Mighty. You never have to be normal again.

The Mighty Six @ DriveThruRPG