Congratulations to a keen Mighty Six reader in Germany!

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One of our valued Mighty Six customers has just won a free corrected copy of The Mighty Six, autographed by the author! She was the first to spot a minor (okay major) editorial SNAFU! You may notice that there are two (yes two!) page 14’s in the print edition, with a noticeable paucity of page 13’s. Do not be alarmed, everything is under control!

The new, corrected copy is being proofed as we speak and will be available shortly! In the mean time, you have a rare classic limited edition collector’s copy of The Mighty Six! For those who wish to fix it, please visit our Downloads page.

The author’s and contributor’s to Mighty Six wish to apologize for any inconvenience, mental anguish, moral distress or sanity loss from the above error. Thank you for being a proud Mighty Six customer, and from the staff here at Mighty Six Enterprises we hope you will continue to BE MIGHTY!

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