Lucky Page 13! Download now available!

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Hey folks, perhaps you have one of our limited edition print copies with an extra page 14 instead of page 13. Huzzah !!! You are now in possession of a rare, soon to be priceless collector’s edition of Mighty Six. The corrected print edition is being proofed as we speak and will soon be available on

But if you’re one of those DIY kind of MightySixers we have a fun and cheap way for you to fix it yourself! First you’ll need a printer (color optional), glue (but don’t sniff it), scissors or hobby knife (no running please).

  1. Print page 13 from the Downloads section of
  2. Cut to size
  3. Affix to the first page 14 with your choice of adhesive
  4. Wait for it to dry
  5. Enjoy your rare and wonderful (and now unique) first run collector’s edition of Mighty Six!

Stay MIGHTY friends!

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