A Mighty response to Aldo!

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I’ve just purchased The Mighty Six, but I didn’t buy it to run a superhero game. Instead, I purchased it as a much needed Mini-Six supplement. You see, I’m really jazzed by Mini-Six, which I plan on using to run an Imperium in Revolt campaign, but its lack of Perk construction system has left me wanting.

Mini-Six, cool as it is, simply doesn’t give me enough info to design new stuff on the fly. I tried deconstructing some of their Perks (like Elf, Dwarf, and Robot) to discern the design philosophy underpinning the rules, but I simply couldn’t make it work. Then I thought of The Mighty Six. I skimmed through some of the preview material that you released and noticed that your versions of Energy Blast, ESP, Flying, Regeneration, and X-Ray Vision are all priced the same as they are in Mini-Six. Also, Adaptation can be used to model some of the abilities possessed by Robots (and other creatures) at pretty much the same cost. Given this compatibility, I went ahead and purchased The Mighty Six, figuring that it would make a great resource to add Perks (esoteric or otherwise) to my Mini-Six games.

Thus far, I’m not disappointed. The Mighty Six will make a great resource. I do, however, have some questions. At least a couple of things are priced differently in The Mighty Six than they are in Mini-Six. Your Telekinesis is 5 rather than 4. Darkvision SEEMS to be 1 in Mini-Six (as far as I can tell from the Dwarf and Elf packages), but you price it at 3. Is there a reason for these changes?

Also, some of the more mundane Perks are either different or missing altogether. The Mighty Six, for instance, doesn’t seem to include Daredevil, Favors, Perceptive, Recall, or Sidekick. Also, Mini-Six’s Destiny has been slightly modified and renamed Lucky B$%#! in The Mighty Six. Are there any reasons for these omissions or differences?

Finally, do you have any advice for using The Mighty Six as a resource for Mini-Six? Are there any pitfalls? Are there any things you would tweak going from The Mighty Six to Mini-Six? To be honest, thus far the only big change seems to be regarding Darkvision. Using your cost structure would bump up the Dwarf and Elf racial packages by 2 points each. Otherwise, everything else seems negligible.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and thanks also for a great product!

All the best,


Mighty Six Lead Developer Paul responds:

Dear Aldo,

Thanks so much for your awesome questions and kind words! We’re glad you like our product. We are mid production on “Six-celsior!”, essentially a reboot of Mighty Six, so your questions are timely, many of the changes we’re making address some of your questions.

In Mighty Six we chose to differentiate Perks from Powerks, fearing that the invasion of superpowered Perks would ruin a low powered game. Many of the Powerks are priced accordingly high to keep them out of reach of a regular 7 Skill Dice Campaign. Notice that there are separate point buy systems for powers versus just regular Perks (Power Points versus Skill Dice). In Six-celsior! all Perks and Powerks will simply be Perks, purchased using Skill dice and priced accordingly.

Some game-breaking Powerks (notably Mind Control etc) are veeeery costly, to offset the imbalancing effect a psionic can have on a campaign.

We avoided reprinting much of the material in Mini-Six (including most of the “mundane” Perks) because that information could easily and freely be found in Mini-Six. This will also be rectified in Six-celsior! Some of the Perks are very similar to the Mini-Six variants, they simply have a different spin on them. They are intended to be used alongside the Mini-Six Perks, to complement them so to speak, rather than replace them. So use them all!

I hope that answers your questions and thanks again for choosing to BE MIGHTY


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