About the Mighty Six

Mighty Six is a tabletop roleplaying game about super powered heroes and villains and all the normal people in between. It uses the D6 based Mini Six roleplaying system by Antipaladin Games, a free and most excellent rules lite gaming experience. Download it free at www.antipaladingames.com.


Exemplar soars above Rocket City

Roleplaying games, and roleplaying gamers, can be plotted along an axis of rules complexity I like to call the “Crunchy-Smooth Continuum”. At one end, Crunchy games (and Crunchy gamers) love complex systems and procedures to help describe the action. On the other side, Smoothy games use fairly simple rules mechanics, and rely more heavily on group storytelling and GM narrative. The Crunchies would argue that Smooth games tend to lack granularity and consistency, and don’t have the ability to resolve in-game disputes without resorting to GM fiat, or a lot of hand-waving mumbo jumbo. The Smoothies would argue that Crunchy games are too bogged down in rules, slowing down play, and making it difficult for new players to get involved. Also, in-game disputes require post-graduate level analysis of the rules and sometimes require the purchase of multiple, expensive supplements.

We believe that Mighty Six lies in the “Goldie-Locks” zone of the Crunchy-Smooth Continuum. Not too Crunchy, not too Smoothy, just right. Using the brilliant rules-lite platform of Mini Six™ by Antipaladin Games, Mighty Six adds just enough “Crunch” to describe the fast paced and complex worlds found in stories of the super heroic, but retains the free flowing high-energy “Smooth” inherent to Mini Six.

Mighty Six weighs in at over 160 pages, jam-packed with goodies like:

  • a fast and flexible rule system to create and play your very own super powered character using Mini Six.
  • easily scalable Power levels, allowing you to be a street level vigilante or a galactic defender, and play them side by side.
  • over 120 new Perks
  • over 80 new Complications
  • Over 80 Powerks (super powered Perks) with rules allowing you to combine them and create your very own super powers.
  • Dozens of new Skills
  • Fabulous four-color art by Jason Armstrong (Green Lantern, Spiderman 2000) and Paul Hosek.
  • An introductory adventure
  • A folio of some of the super powered Who’s Who in the official Mighty Six universe, fully detailed and ready to use as either PCs or NPCs.
  • Character record sheets with a blank silhouette you can fill in to render your hero.
  • And much, much, more.

You can get an under-the-hood preview of the Mighty Six role-playing game by click below!!