Customer Testimonials

The Mighty Six has the mightiest of customers, here are some of the fine things they had to say:

“I used to get this rash, uh, down there, you know. And uh, now it’s all cleared up. Thanks Mighty Six!”

-Captain Wonderful, Burton, Alabama.

“Thanks to Mighty Six, my sex life has never been better.”

-Iron Dude, Des Moines, Iowa.

“Whenever I got cut off in traffic I used to say to myself, ‘ Damn yo, if only I could just scorch that d-bag’s face off with my laser eye-beams’, and now, thanks to Mighty Six, I can!”

-RoadRager, Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Our sex life has never been better, thanks Mighty Six!”

-Iron Dude’s wife.

“Since I tried Mighty Six, my teeth have never been whiter, and my dishes haven’t been this squeaky clean since, like, ever. Thanks Mighty Six!”

-Kurt, Las Vegas Nevada.

“Our sex life has never been better, thanks to you Mighty Six!”

-Karen, Iron Dude’s Wife’s Hot Best friend.

“I used to be that guy that always got sand kicked in his face at the beach by bullies. I couldn’t face my girlfriend. But then I discovered Mighty Six, and it changed my whole life. Now I rule that freakin’ beach! Any of those pansy bullies from back in the day step to me, and I tear them a (redacted) and stick their (redacted)(redacted)(redacted) in it. Mighty Six, you rock!”

-The Manstrocity, Long Island, New York.

“The Supreme Kreel’Tar Galactic Collective thanks you Mighty Six. Not only have you made interstellar travel safe once more for the peaceful space faring races, but you looked damn fine doing it in that green spandex outfit. Rowr.”

-Ikkyikkyf’tangbooiingo, Grand Diplomaticon, Supreme Kreel’Tar Galactic Collective.

“I used my new psychic powers to find out what my husband was doing while I was at work. Thanks. Thanks a lot Mighty Six, you (redacted)s.”

-PsySpy, Iron Dude’s wife.

“What my client is trying to say is that she did not violate her husband’s reasonable expectations of privacy to discover him having relations outside of their marital vows.”

-PsySpy’s divorce attorney

“Yesterday I helped put out a fire and rescue an elderly person trapped in a burning tenement. Today I hoisted an overloaded reactor core into deep space where it could harmlessly explode, thereby saving countless lives. Thanks Mighty Six, keep up the good work.”